Praying for the people
of Barcelona and Cambrils

Loving God,
as we stand alongside the people
injured, killed or traumatised
in the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils,
as our own wounds are reopened
and we hear the echoes of horror in our ears,
may we also hear your words of peace
and know that you hold us close
in life, in death.


The Dean wrote to the Dean of Barcelona Cathedral on behalf of the Cathedral saying:

It was with great sadness that I heard the news of yesterday's attack on Las Ramblas in Barcelona and later that evening in Cambrils.  The community that I lead at Southwark Cathedral in London sends you and your community the assurance of our prayers as Christian brothers and sisters.  You will be aware that on 3rd June, we suffered a similar attack on London Bridge and around the Cathedral in the Borough Market.  Eight people were killed on that occasion, a number of people were injured and many people traumatised.  It was a terrible event but we were very much helped knowing that we were being held in the prayers of so many people and out of the experience of terror, deeper community relationships developed.  The Borough Market is twinned with La Boqueria and the area around Southwark Cathedral has a very similar feel to that of Las Ramblas.  It is multi-cultural, full of tourists, a place of pleasure and relaxation.  It is exactly this that terrorists appear to want to attack. 

We will be praying for you at the Masses offered in our cathedral and hope that through your leadership and witness, healing may come for the people of your community as healing has come for the people of ours.

Bishop Christopher also paid tribute on behalf of the Diocese saying:

"We in the Diocese of Southwark have also been on the receiving end of a recent terror attack. So, on behalf of the Diocese, I express solidarity with the people of Barcelona and assure our brothers and sisters in Christ of our heartfelt sympathy and fervent prayers."

Southwark Cathedral

an inclusive Christian community
growing in orthodox faith and radical love

The marks of our community are:

  • confidence in God and the Gospel
  • passion for those on the edge of society
  • engagement in vibrant theology and teaching
  • prayerful service of our Bishop and Diocese
  • love for London and the world

Our rule of life is centred on a commitment to:

  • worship
  • study
  • service

and above all

  • to the Living God we know in Jesus Christ

Please pray with us and for us:
God of our life,
may we grow in faith and love
with confidence in you;
alive in Jesus Christ.


We believe there has been a church on this site since AD 606. There may well have been a church here even earlier. Southwark Cathedral is the oldest cathedral church building in London, and archaeological evidence shows there was Roman pagan worship here well before that.

Significantly, Southwark stands at the oldest crossing point of the tidal Thames at what was the only entrance to the City of London across the river for many centuries. It is not only a place of worship but also of hospitality to every kind of person: princes and paupers, prelates and prostitutes, poets, playwrights, prisoners and patients have all found refuge here.

Southwark Cathedral is a member of The Association of English Cathedrals