Education Centre (School Visits)

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Southwark Cathedral Education Centre

Southwark Cathedral Education Centre’s vision is:

To provide opportunities for children, families and adults to learn about the Christian faith in ways which stimulate curiosity, awe and wonder, in the unique setting of Southwark Cathedral.

The vision is supported by the Education Centre’s Aim:

To demonstrate impact on those who participate in activities supported by the Education Centre, including:

  • Greater knowledge and skills
  • Deeper sympathy with the Christian faith
  • An appreciation of the Church’s contribution to culture and community
  • Engagement with the “big questions” of life, ethics and meaning
  • Capacity to respond to the transcendent, for example, in expressing praise, gratitude, respect, and concern for the creation

Information for school visits

Vacancies for Volunteering at the Education Centre

We are looking for people to join our committed team of volunteers. Could you bring learning to life at Southwark Cathedral? We are looking for volunteers to lead a range of exciting, engaging and experiential trails and workshops for children and young people. We ask for some experience of teaching or working with children. This experience does not have to be gained in schools but could come from community or church work.  Training and support given. For further details, please contact Lisa Bewick or Emily Halton on 020 7367 6715 or e-mail:

What teachers say about us...

Teachers’ feedback

  • An excellent visit, well worth the time, effort and money
  • The children were engaged throughout…they obviously felt immersed in the experience
  • Thank you for an enjoyable and informative day. We certainly hope to come again
  • A great day in a beautiful setting. I have recommended Southwark Cathedral to my colleagues
  • Perfect…beyond expectation
  • ….the group leaders were very well informed and passionate about their subject