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Area 5 (Lancelot's Link and the Archaeological Chamber)

Glass-covered internal 'street'

The glass-covered internal 'street' that links the Cathedral to its more recent Millennium Buildings, is known as Lancelot's Link.

The Millennium Buildings were opened by Nelson Mandela in 2001.

The 'Link' echoes the line of a Victorian alley that ran close to the church. The paving stones throughout the Link are engraved with the names of parishes of the diocese at the time of the opening.

Parish Tablet

From a viewing platform, one can see the gravelled surface of the Roman road that ran from the bridgehead across the Cathedral site to meet the riverbank opposite the House of Parliament, and the Saxon foundations of the early church.

Archaelogical Chamber

To the east of the medieval remains are the brick arches of a 17th century pottery kiln. It was in 1614 that an application was made to make pottery 'after the manner of Fiansa' (Florence). Part of the old 'fratree' of the monastery was used as a pot house and colour house. The kilns were uncomfortably close to the church and a small fire in the 18th century ensured that the pottery was finally closed.

Southwark Delftware (i.e. tin-glazed) was in production before it was made in Delft. Its distinctive yellow and blue colouring was popular in the American colonies and one of the largest collections of it is at Williamsburg, Virginia.