In addition to our programme of RE trails and workshops, we offer for KS2: 

  • Religion in Roman Britain and Mosaics
  • Victorian Experience

KS2: Victorian Experience

Children will take on the role of a Victorian schoolchild and experience several aspects of a typical school day.  They will also learn about 'wash day' in a Victorian household and have the opportunity to handy some artefacts.


KS2: Religion in Roman Britain 

Archaeological digs in the local area have revealed numerous links between Southwark and the Romans.  A number of Roman artefacts were discovered in the Cathedral crypt.​

In an interactive trail, children will explore different aspects of life in Roman Britain, with a focus on religious beliefs and the rise of Christianity.​

An ideal partner for this is our Mosaics workshop.

KS2: Mosaics ​

After an introduction to the art of mosaic-making, children will make their own section of a mosaic design.