Exhibition - A Wing and a Prayer by Philippa Beveridge

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    Lancelot's Link

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    10:00 AM

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Philippa Beveridge specialises in sculpture in glass made with a wide variety of materials and techniques

Originally from the UK, she moved to Barcelona in 1988 to study applied arts and sculpture in glass at the Barcelona Glass Foundation. She returned to the UK in 2017 where she continues to work on commissions and exhibitions. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout Europe and is held in private and public collections internationally.

Time and memory, history and its associations, absence and displacement, identity and a sense of belonging are central to her work.

Since 2011, she has focused on the form of the feather in its many guises. The feathers that have been scattered and discarded record the journey made through the traces and remnants left behind.

The feathers are part of an ongoing project and have featured in a number of outdoor and indoor installations from Barcelona’s main cemetery to the Barrage Vauban in Strasbourg. The setting of Southwark Cathedral as a showcase for the series of feathers couldn’t be more appropriate it is the starting point for pilgrimages to sites of spiritual significance and stands not far from the place where Chaucer’s pilgrims set off on their journey.

The feathers and wings on display are made from an industrially produced soda lime glass which is also used for road markings, an aspect that echoes the primary concept of the work: the journey and the road taken.