Revd Canon Dr Rachel Mann - The Precarious and Glorious Body: Christian Feminism in a Time of Transgender


The Annual Southwark Feminist Theology Lecture

This year we are delighted to welcome Revd Canon Dr Rachel Mann for our annual Southwark Feminist Theology Lecture.

Both popular and academic cultures have become more confident about celebrating transgender, genderqueer, and other ‘marginal’ bodies and subjects.  However, within feminist and Christian traditions, there can be a tendency to
sensationalise, medicalise and pathologize the lives of trans* and other queer bodies.

Drawing on personal experience, queer theologies, and feminisms, Rachel Mann investigates what it means to encounter, celebrate and be transformed by queer bodies and queer lives.

As ‘traditional’ understandings of gender, sexuality and the body are questioned, what are the possibilities for faith and feminism?

Dr Rachel Mann is an Anglican priest, writer and scholar. She is honorary canon of Manchester Cathedral and Visiting Fellow in the Department of English, Manchester Met University. A former resident poet at Manchester Cathedral and author of four books, as well as contributing chapters to many more, her latest book is ‘Fierce Imaginings: The Great War, Ritual, Memory and God’ (DLT: 2017). Her theological memoir of growing up transgender, ‘Dazzling Darkness’ was a Church Times’ bestseller.