Join us at Southwark Cathedral for Lent, Holy Week and Easter


Footfall - Lent Art Installation

This year’s Lent art installation is called Footfall and is composed of over 15 metres of printed cloth and embroidery, descending from the top of the Reredos to the altar floor below

The artist Alison Clark has made prints from footfall in the Cathedral by capturing the worn surfaces of monumental stones in the Retrochoir. These prints are an echo of pilgrims who have come to worship over the centuries.

Alison was artist in residence here in 2018. Six of her prints from the Broken Beauty residency are now on display in the Garry Weston library in the Cathedral.

Footfall will be on display from 6 March - 19 April.


Wednesday 6 March 

Ash Wednesday

Lent begins, the time of fasting, penitence and preparation kept by Christians as we prepare for Easter and the Imposition of Ashes marks the beginning of our Lenten journey.  Ash Wednesday begins the period of forty days during which Christians prepare for Christ's Resurrection on Easter Day.  It recalls the forty days that Christ spent in the wilderness.

8.15am - Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

12.45pm - Choral Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

5.30pm - Choral Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

Sunday 31 March  - 9th June

Lent Sessions

Following our Advent and Epiphany sessions, we will be following the same format for Lent and Eastertide. Using Scripture, poetry, art, music, theology, and creative tools we’ll walk together through Lent to Easter and beyond. There will be six Sunday sessions, plus a day retreat in the middle. The dates are as follows:

Lent: 31 March, 7 and 14 April

Day Retreat: Saturday 4 May

Eastertide: 26 May, 2 and 9 June

For more information, please contact the Canon Treasurer, who will be running the sessions:

Saturday 13 April

Miserere: From Allegri to Macmillan - Merbecke Choir Lent Concert

A number of inspiring and moving settings of the Miserere from Allegri to Macmillan starting at 7.30pm

To mark the penitential season of Lent we will be performing settings of 'Miserere'. These range from the poly-choral Hassler, and canonical Purcell to the Allegri with its stunning soprano line and the Macmillan, a contemporary, awesome setting which is enormously powerful and moving.

The Merbecke Choir is a group of around 25-30 singers who sing a wide range of music to a high standard. The choir is mostly made up of people in their twenties and thirties, who meet to rehearse every Tuesday during term time. It is a regular contributor to the liturgy at Southwark Cathedral, notably at the monthly service of Compline and Eucharistic Devotions. It also performs regular concerts, usually one a term, has toured abroad and in the UK and has released a CD, Under the Shadow of Thy Wings.

Tickets from £10.00 available here

Sunday 31 March

Mothering Sunday Choral Eucharist

11.00am - Choral Eucharist with baptisms, the admission of new members to the Mothers' Union followed by cake sales and distribution of flowers after the service.

Sunday 14 April - Sunday 21 April

Holy Week - The Worlds of the Cross

During Holy Week we are invited to share in Christ's own journey, from the triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the desolation of Good Friday and Holy Saturday and finally the joyful celebrations of Easter Sunday.

This year's Holy Week preacher is the Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, the former Dean of Durham.  In his daily preachings he will explore with us how we reflect on a pray Christ's passion in the different 'worlds' of the story, the worlds that 'survey' the Cross from their respective vantage points.  From the perspective of the 'worlds' in which we exist we confront and bear witness to the crucifixion.  The titles for each day throughout Holy Week reflect something of his thinking.

Michael Sadgrove served as a parish priest and thelogical educator before spending most of his life working in cathedrals.  He has written on the Bible, ordained ministry, spirituality and church heritage.

Sunday 14 April

Palm Sunday - Crucified Before the City

8.30am - Morning Prayer

9.00am - Eucharist with congregational

11.00am - Choral Eucharist followed by the Palm Procession with the Proclamation of the Passion in Borough Market at 12.15pm.

3.00pm - Evensong 

6.00pm - Meditation and Compline

Monday 15 April

Monday in Holy Week - Crucified before Religion

8.00am - Morning Prayer

8.15am - Eucharist

12.30pm - Midday Prayer

12.45pm - Eucharist with Hymns and Address

5.30pm - Choral Evensong (Lamentations 2.8-19, Colossians 1.18-23)

6.30pm - Silent Prayer

7.00pm - Compline

Tuesday 16 April

Tuesday in Holy Week - Crucified before Politics

8.00am - Morning Prayer

8.15am - Eucharist

12.30pm - Midday Prayer

12.45pm - Eucharist with Hymns and Address

5.30pm - Choral Evensong (Lamentations 3.40-51, Galatians 6.11-end)

6.30pm - Silent Prayer

7.00pm - Compline

Wednesday 17 April

Wednesday in Holy Week - Crucified before the Crowd

8.00am - Morning Prayer

8.15am - Eucharist

12.30pm - Midday Prayer

12.45pm - Eucharist with Hymns and Address

5.30pm - Choral Evensong (Isaiah 63.1-9; Revelation 14.18-15))

6.30pm - Silent Prayer

7.00pm - Compline

Thursday 18 April

Maundy Thursday - Crucified before Friends

8.00am - Morning Prayer

11.00am - Chrism Eucharist (With Blessing of the Oils and renewel of ministerial vows)

5.30pm - Evening Prayer

6.30pm - Commemoration of the Last Supper with washing of feet followed by Watch of the Passion until Midnight (Exodus 12.1-4, 11-14; I Corinthians 11.23-26; John 13.1-17,31b-35)

Friday 19 April

Good Friday - Crucified before the Cosmos

9.00am - Morning Prayer and Litany

10.15am - Walk of Witness from Christ Church, Blackfriars Road to Waterloo Station for 11.00am

12 Noon - Preaching of the Passion

1.30pm - Good Friday Liturgy

4.00pm - Evening Prayer

6.30pm - Southwark Cathedral Good Friday Concert - Faure Reqiuem and Lenten Motets tickets available from here

Saturday 20 April

Holy Saturday 

9.00am - Morning Prayer and Litany

4.00pm - Evening Prayer

Sunday 21 April

Easter Day - Raised Up: In Reach of Dawn

5.10am - Dawn Vigil and Easter Liturgy with Initiation followed by breakfast (Genesis 1.1-2.4a; Exodus 12.1-24; Exodus 14.10-31;15.20-21; Jeremiah 31.31-34; Ezekiel 37.1-14)

8.30am - Morning Prayer

9.00am - Eucharist with Hymns

11.00am - Choral Eucharist

3.00pm - Solemn Evensong (Isaiah 43.1-21; I Corinthians 15.1-11)

6.00pm - Compline

Thursday 30 May

Ascension Day

The church celebrates the Ascension of the Lord forty days after Easter Day.  In doing so we follow very closely the chronology we received from Saint Luke in the Acts of the Apostles where we are told that Jesus appeared to the disciples 'over the course of forty days'.  At the end of that time the disciples met on the Mount of Olives and it was there that Jesus was 'taken up' from their sight, or 'withdrew' from them.  The disciples then returned to Jerusalem and awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit ten days later on the Feast of Pentecost.

The Ascension is a joyous feast and celebrated in may places with early morning singing, the ringing of bells and ascending church towers to proclaim the praises of God who has now ascended up on high.

8.00am - Morning Prayer

8.15am - Eucharist

12.30pm - Midday Prayer

12.45pm - Choral Eucharist

5.30pm - Choral Eucharist

Sunday 9 June


Pentecost (from the Greek word for 'fiftieth') takes place fifty days after Easter Day.  It is the conclusion of the Easter Season, and marks the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles as promised by Jesus in the Gospels and recorded in the book of Acts.  It is often described as the 'birthday of the Church' as it is the event which empowered the twelve disciples to beome true apostles, those who are 'sent out' to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. 

8.30am - Morning Prayer

9.00am - Eucharist

11am - Choral Eucharist

3.00pm - Choral Evensong

6.00pm - Service of Light